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27- 28 April 2013 
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The Marshall UK CapoKeyring Scottish Music Show is brought to you by Music Events Clydesdale CapoKeyring are proud sponsors of the Scottish Music Show Marshall UK are proud supporters of the Scottish Music Show Renewable Resources (Energy Solutions) Ltd are proud to sponsor the main Solar stage.  Click here for a word from our sponsors Click to visit Bailey Guitars website



Big thanks to all those who came out to support the Battle of the Bands competition, Saturday 20th April 2013.

There were some great acts throughout the day but we were very happy to crown “The Rolled Up 20’s” as the winners bagging a weekend in the Washoose Studio.

Big thanks to Biggar Sound for handling a full array of different acts and of course Marshall Amps for supplying the back line.


Top prize is a weekend recording plus B&B at the Washoose Recording Studio in Crawfordjohn Scotland and the headline spot on the open mic stage at the Scottish Music Show, where a professional film crew will record a web video of the performance and professional photographs will be taken.

Runner up prize is a band pack full of essentials such as strings and sticks courtesy of Arcadia Music Ltd.

Once the winning band has finished their recording in the studio, the finished CD will be hosted on the SMS website

Arcadia Music supporting The Scottish Music Show Battle of the Bands competition Marshall UK supporting the Scottish Music Show Battle of the Bands Battle of the Bands
20th April 2013